Coccidiosis Conferences (2008-2014) Powerpoint Presentations

Compiled by
Donald W. Duszynski and Lee Couch
Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
Steve J. Upton
Division of Biology, Kansas State University

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Updated: 4 February 2015
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2008: 39th Conference, Arlington, TX

  • Introduction: Taxonomy (Alpha and Beta) and Systematics of the Coccidia. J.R. Barta and R.S. Seville

  • Coccidia from Mammals: Status of the Taxonomy and Methods for Collection, Preservation, and Sporulation of Fecal Stages. R.S. Seville

  • Amphibian Coccidia: Taxonomy, Host Specificity, Ecology, and Phylogeny. M.G. Bolek, D.W. Duszynski, and S.J. Upton.

  • Methods for Collection, Preservation, and Sporulation of Snake Fecal Stages to Help Resolve What We Still Don"t Know about Snake Coccidia. S.J. Upton and D.W. Duszynski

  • Collection, Preservation, and Sporulation of Fecal Stages from Birds: Concepts, Methods and Challenges. J.R. Barta, J.D. Ogedengbe, and J. Cobean

  • The Emerging Role of Molecular Markers in Coccidian Speciation-1. K.B. Miska, D. Motriuk-Smith, and R.S. Seville

  • The Emerging Role of Molecular Markers in Coccidian Speciation-2. K.B. Miska, D. Motriuk-Smith, and R.S. Seville

  • 2009: 40th Conference, Knoxville, TN

  • 40th Annual Coccidiosis Conference 2009. R.S. Seville

  • Ecology and Phylogeny of Amphibian Coccidia: A Review. M.G. Bolek and C. Whipps

  • Coccidia from Mammals: Interesting Insights on Phylogenetic Relationships, Host Specificity and Morphology. J. Kviceroca

  • 2010: 41st Conference, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Microsatellite and Its Application in Genetic Studies of Malaria Parasites. X.-Z. Su

  • Virluence Shift in a Sexual Clade of Wild Toxoplasma gondii Infecting Marine Mammals. M.E. Grigg, N. Sundar, M. Miller, J. Wendte, P. Conrad, P. Keeling

  • Genetic Charasterizations of Cryoptosporidium spp. Using Microsatellite and Minisatellite Markers. L. Xiao

  • A Tale of Two Theilerias: Microsatellite Genotyping, Wild Animal Reservoirs and Vaccination. A. Tate

  • Studying Genetic Diversity in Eimeria:Present Challenges and Future Approaches. K.B. Miska

  • 2011: 42nd Conference, Anchorage, AK

  • Designing and Mining Genome Databases: From Genes to Drugs and Vaccines. D.S. Roos

  • Genetic Dissection of Apicomplast Function and Biogenesis. R. Striepen

  • The Role of Translational Regulation in Sexual Development of Malaria Parasite. L. Cui, J. Miao, L. Cui

  • Construction of Transgenic Eimeria Parasites and Study of Their Elicitation of Mucosal Immunity. X. Su, X. Liu, G. Yin, X. Huang, Y. Chen

  • Cryptosporidium: Unique Evolutionary Position and Metabolic Features for Drug Development. G. Zhu

  • 2012: 43rd Conference, Richmond, VA

  • Avian Coccidiosis: Current Commercial Practices for the Control of These Illusive Agents. S. Fitz-Coy

  • Understanding Species-Dependent Host Response to Eimeria spp. Using Comparative Transcriptional Analysis. H. Lillehoj, D. Kim

  • A Novel Mucosal Vaccine Based on Live Eimeria Expressing CTB-induced Systemic Immune Responses in Chickens. G. Yin, X. Liu, X. Suo

  • The Molecular Basis for Distinct Host and Tissue Tropisms of Coccidian Parasites. L. Lai, B. Cowper, J. Bumstead, Y. Liu, D. Blake, T. Feizi, S. Matthews, F. Tomley

  • Identification and Characterization of Toxoplasma gondii Cyst Wall Proteins. T. Tomita, Y.F. Ma, B. Fox, D.J. Bzik, L.M. Weiss

  • A Case for Host Involvewment in the Glycosylation of Toxoplasma Tissue Cysts. B. Eller, B.C. Lynn, A. Data, A.P. Sinai

  • 2013: 44th Conference, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  • Coccidiosis Vaccination: Problems and Solutions. H.D. Chapman

  • Parasites, Places and Poultry: Environmental Influence on Live Coccidiosis Vaccine Success in Commercial Poultry Rearing. K.R. Price, J.R. Barta

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Achieving Uniform Protection of Chickens Against Coccidiosis with Live Eimeria Oocyst Vaccines. M.C. Jenkins

  • DNA Barcoding of Coccidia: Promise and Pitfalls. J.R. Barta, M.A. Hafeez, M.E. Ogedengbe

  • Virulence Shift in a Sexual Clade of Toxoplasma gondii Infecting Wwildlife in North America. N. Sundar, M.A. Miller, J.M. Wendte, K. Haman, E.R. James, p. Keeling, P.A. Conrad, M.E. Griggs

  • 2014: No Conference Held this Year.