photo of Dr. Donald Duszynski Professor Donald W. Duszynski has been selected as the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Biology at Colorado State University. He will receive this honor at an award ceremony this fall, when he will give a retrospective lecture about his career in science and some of his research over the last 35 years.

Dr. Duszynski also has been invited, as one of 25 international scientists, to serve on a Sloan Foundation workshop, "To Resolve Microorganism Taxonomic and Cultural Collection Problems Arising from the New Barcoding Initiatives." This workshop will be held November 6-7, 2006 in Portland, Maine. DNA barcoding is a methodology for identifying species using a short DNA sequence. It is purported to be a reliable, inexpensive and easily accessible tool for both taxonomic specialists and non-specialists (e.g., government officials, professionals in health and agriculture). There are several issues and problems, however, that need to be addressed before barcoding can be instituted, especially for single-celled microorganisms (protists). Linking barcodes to accurately identified species represents a large hurdle that must be overcome. The Sloan Foundation workshop will address problems that arise as species DNA barcodes are generated for protists.