Don Duszynski's photograph

In June 2007, it was announced that Biology Professor and Museum of Southwestern Biology Director Donald W. Duszynski, who researches animal parasites, has won the American Society of Parasitologists Clark P. Read Mentor Award for 2008. The award is given to “honor an individual who, during his or her career, has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the training of young scientists who have successfully pursued the independent study of parasites or aspects of the host–parasite relationship. Further, the individual shall have influenced the research and/or graduate education of a department, college, or institution to significantly increase the number of students completing graduate level training in the various disciplines of parasitology.”

Since 1972, Dr. Duszynski has mentored 25 graduate students and more than 20 undergraduate students, and has maintained a strong relationship with them over the years. The majority of his students continue to work in the field of biology—particularly parasitology—as academics and researchers, or they have entered veterinary, pharmaceutical or medical fields. Additionally, several of Dr. Duszynski’s former students themselves have acted as mentors for more than 15 undergraduate and graduate students in the field, fulfilling the conditions of the Read Mentor Award. After a 30-minute presentation, Dr. Duszynski will be presented with the award at the 2008 American Society of Parasitologists Annual Meeting in Arlington, TX.

Introduction of Don by Janice Moore at awarding of the ASP 2008 Clark P. Read Mentor Award.

Don's Acceptance Remarks of the ASP 2008 Clark P. Read Mentor Award.