Sara V. Brant


Research Assistant Professor

Collections Manager, Parasite Division

Museum Southwestern Biology                                    Office: 1(505) 277-2517

Department of Biology                                                 Lab:     1(505) 277-3134

167 Castetter Hall                                                       Fax:     1(505) 277-0304

Albuquerque, NM 87131                                              E-mail:





My general research interests are phylogenetics and phylogeography of both hosts and their helminths and the coevolutionary (both ecological and historical) mechanisms responsible for their maintenance. The current focus of my research is to study the systematics and evolutionary history of schistosomes. In particular, I am interested in how the diversity and distribution of avian schistosomes contributes to the epidemiology of swimmerÕs itch in North America. A second interest is to expand what we know of the diversity of schistosomes through focused collections of the definitive hosts and extensive snail surveys here in North America and elsewhere. 




1996-2002  Ph.D.  School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dissertation:  "Phylogeographic relationships among short-tailed shrews (Blarina) and two species of parasites: Coevolutionary implications". Advisor: Dr. Guillermo Ort’


1994-1996 M.S.  School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Thesis: "Systematics of the genus Litomosoides Chandler, 1931 (Nematoda: Onchocercidae)". Advisor: Dr. Scott Gardner


1991-1994 B. S.  Department of Zoology, University of California, Davis. Major: Zoology.





2008-present Collections Manager, Parasite Division Museum of Southwestern Biology


2006-present Research Assistant Professor


2003-2006 Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Eric S.  Loker, Dept. Biology, University of New Mexico. Coevolutionary relationships among Trichobilharzia and their intermediate and definitive hosts.


2002-2003 Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Mark Hafner, Museum of Natural History, Louisiana State University. This one-year position is to study the coevolution of Geomydoecus lice on Geomys, Cratogeomys and Pappogeomys.