Understanding the Epidemiology of Schistosoma mansoni in Kenya

Schistosoma mansoni is still a common human parasite in sub-Saharan Africa (Abstract), being particularly abundant in the watershed of the Nile, including Kisumu, on the shores of Lake Victoria, in western Kenya. This work is undertaken in collaboration with Dr. Gerald Mkoji (web page) of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Nairobi, and Dr. Diana Karanja of KEMRI from Kisumu, and her colleagues Dr. Evan Secor of the CDC and Dr. Dan Colley of the University of Georgia. Dr. Michelle Steinauer is taking a leading role in this effort from the University of New Mexico.

The goals of our ongoing studies in Kisumu are to determine:

Sand Harvesters, Kenya

Sand Harvesters, Kenya

Asao Stream, Kenya


We sincerely thank the NIH for grants IP20RR18754 from the Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Program of the National Center for Research Resources and AI24340 and AI44913 that enable many of the studies reported here.


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Updated June 2006

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