Our approach: Comparative avian biology using specimens

  • Our long term goal is to build a data-rich specimen collection to facilitate studies of avian biodiversity across time and space.
  • Our science is repeatable, extendable, and open. We achieve this by archiving research materials in public museum collections with online specimen data and reciprocal links to online data archives and peer-reviewed publications.


Our favorite topics relating to biogeography & evolutionary ecology of birds

  • Comparative respiratory physiology across elevational gradients.
  • Evolutionary genetics of the avian hemoglobin protein.
  • Avian genome evolution.
  • High-altitude adaptations in hummingbirds.
  • Coevolution of birds and malaria parasites.
  • Phylogeny and phylogeography of Andean birds.
  • Flight behavior, systematics, and vocalizations of cranes (Gruidae).
  • Geographic variation, phylogeography, and taxonomy of New World birds.
  • Avian plumage color polymorphisms and MC1R.
  • Climate change effects on montane birds.

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