Past Courses at Rice University

Rice garden harvestEBO204 / ENST 204
Environmental Sustainability:
The design and practice of community agriculture

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of community gardening, with emphasis on applying ecological principles to the practice of community agriculture. Our goal is to re-shape the Rice garden ecosystem in ways that contribute locally grown produce to the campus food supply.

EBIO 325

Ecology is the scientific study of interactions between organisms and their environment. This courseis an introduction to the fundamental concepts and models in the field of ecology. There is a strong emphasis on understanding the process of science through reading and critical evaluation of the primary scientific literature. By the end of this course, you will understand the major ecological patterns in nature and the factors that cause them. Your analytical and quantitative abilities will be reinforced and improved, and you will gain the foundations for becoming a practicing ecologist and an ecologically aware citizen.


BIOS 326
Insect Biology

insect collectionThis course will introduce you to the most abundant, diverse (and fascinating) organisms in the animal kingdom: the Insects. However, insects are so incredibly diverse that trying to learn them all is impossible (and not useful for most undergraduates). Instead, we will use their diversity to illustrate important concepts in biology. Insects provide highly tractable organisms with which to investigate biological questions because they are ubiquitous, small, and highly diverse.

BIOS 330
Insect Biology Lab

insect collecting in the Big ThicketLaboratory and field exercises provide hands-on experience with collection and curation of insect specimens and explore local ecosystems, both natural and managed. By the end of the course, you will have gained a repertoire of skills necessary to recognize common insects and understand their unique adaptations

BIOS 563
Topics in Ecology

Review and discussion of the literature on current research in ecology.

BIOS 568
Topics in Biological Diversity

Review and discussion of the literature on current research in biological diversity.