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Welcome to PREP@unm

PREP is an NIH-funded post-baccalaureate training program, designed to enhance the ability of individuals in the biomedical sciences to gain entry to, and succeed in, nationally-recognized PhD programs. PREP is aimed at individuals from under-represented groups in the sciences who have recently received a Bachelors degree. These individuals will either have relatively little laboratory experience, or will be changing research fields between their BS and PhD courses.

In PREP, our Scholars are paid an annual salary of $21,000, plus health and dental benefits, for one year of support. During this year they are paired with a Faculty mentor from one of our departments, and engage full-time in cutting-edge research. This experience is essential to successful application in many of the top graduate schools in the country.

To enhance the Scholars’ competitiveness for graduate school, PREP also supports GRE preparation classes, and short training programs aimed at making the Scholars more familiar with the expectations and challenges of graduate school.

PREP will also cover tuition costs of classes which are required by the Scholar to become familiar with their current research.

All-in-all, PREP@unm is the definitive program for preparing under-represented students for graduate school. If you are interested and eligible, you can apply right now using the links on the left.