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SEO Awards

Spring 2007

Sushmita Roy: Sushmita participated in an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the summer. The internship led to her being a co-author in a paper in Nature.

Erik Erhardt: Erik used his funds to start-up his SISUS Project.

Meghan Roghan-Healy: Meghan participated in a workshop and lab networking at Ann Arbor and the University of Chicago @ Champaign-Urbana.

Wenyun Zuo: Wenyun presented a poster at the Ecological Society of America conferece.

Cameron Ellis: Cameron his funds to work on his GIS Mapping Project.

Fall 2006

Belen Sisay: Belen attended an AA Forensic Science Meeting.

Wenyun Zuo: Wenyun participated in a Georgia Tech workshop on complex networks.

Ziya Kalay: Ziya attended the SFI complex systems summer school in Beijing, China.

Helen Davis: Helen worked on an internship in epidemiology and public health education in a developing country.

Sushmita Roy: Sushmita attended a systems biology conference in San Diego.

Alison Boyer: Alison worked with David Steadman at the University of Gainsville on avian bone measurment.