Application Cover Form ( .doc/ .pdf)

The Program in Interdisciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences (PiBBs) has set aside funds specifically designed to enhance opportunities for graduate students to engage in interdisciplinary biological science. Proposals for these funds generally fall under one of the following categories:

Eligibility: Any graduate student in good standing that has enrolled in a PiBBs core course over the previous two years.

Target Deadlines: for full consideration, complete applications should be received by December 15th and April 15th of each year. Successful applicants will be notified in early January/May; students will be expected to provide a one-page synopsis of how the funds were used.

Application process: submit either electronically or via mail a completed cover application form ( .doc/ .pdf), a 1-2 page proposal addressing the relevance of the proposed activity to the students dissertation and how this activity enhances engagement in interdisciplinary science, and a letter of recommendation from the major advisor.

Evaluation: applications will be evaluated in terms of the quality of the research proposed as well as its interdisciplinary nature. Preference may be given to those students who have actively participated in PiBBs activities.