The Program in Interdisciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences at UNM is a cross-departmental, college and institutional collaboration of students and faculty interested in interdisciplinary biological research

Student Opportunities

Most of the student opportunities supported by PiBBs are available to all members of the UNM academic community, including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdocs and faculty members. Student enrichment opportunities are reserved for Ph.D. students engaged in interdisciplinary research. Since 2006, PiBBs has awarded 40 enrichment opportunities to students in 6 departments.

Student Enrichment Opportunities

PiBBs has set aside funds specifically designed to enhance opportunities for graduate students to engage in interdisciplinary biological science.

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Student Focus Groups

Focus groups are intended to be short-term working groups exploring in depth a particular topic of interest. Students, post-docs and faculty meet once a week in our PiBBs conference space.

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Other Student Opportunities

PiBBs provides support for internships and summer schools that enhance a student's ability to conduct interdisciplinary research.

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