The Program in Interdiciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences at UNM is a cross-departmental, college and institutional collaboration of students and faculty interested in interdisciplinary biological research

Seminar in Interdisciplinary Biology and Biological Science (SiBBs) Spring 2013

PiBBs Suite-Castetter 1424, Wed 3-5:30   Syllabus

This course deliberately exposes students to multiple possible role models. It is centered around seminar presentations and in-depth discussions with invited speakers, some from UNM, SFI, and LANL, but most from other institutions. Students are expected to take a leadership role in nominating, hosting, and interacting with visiting scientists.

This course addresses the cognitive and social aspects of learning where students expand their intellectual horizons by interacting intensively with visiting and resident faculty and their fellow students. Because content varies each semester, it can be repeated for credit. (Spring, 3 credits)

Students will each host a guest speaker. Host Tools Packet (.doc or .pdf)

Students will also discuss the articles of each guest speaker on the PiBBs Blog.

Would you like to host one of our guests? Please call the PiBBs Office (505) 277-3021

Do you have a suggestion for a guest lecturer? Please call the PiBBs Office (505) 277-3021

Guest Lecturers for Spring 2013

Date Name of Speaker Publications Host
Jan. 16
General Course Orientation
Jan. 23
Jan. 30
Dr. Diana Northup - The University of New Mexico
Link 1 Link 2
Feb. 6
Short Presentations
Feb. 13
Feb. 20
Dr. Richard Prum - Yale University
PDF 1   PDF 2
Feb. 27
Dr. Joy Ward - Kansas University
PDF 1  PDF 2
March 8
Dr. James Estes - UC Santa Cruz
PDF 1   PDF 2
March 13
Spring Break
March 20
Dr. Daniel Costa - UC Santa Cruz
March 27
Dr. Matthew Reed - The University of Michigan
PDF 1  PDF 2
April 3
April 10
Dr. Janet Foley - UC Davis
PDF 1  PDF 2
April 17
Dr. John McCormack - Occidental College
PDF 1  PDF 2
April 24
Dr. Jim Roney - UC Santa Barbara
May 1
Dr. Cris Moore - Santa Fe Institute