The Program in Interdisciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences at UNM is a cross-departmental, college and institutional collaboration of students and faculty interested in interdisciplinary biological research

More about PiBBs


How do I get involved?

There are two levels of involvement. Students can become “PiBBs affiliates” by simply enrolling and participating in PiBBs courses and activities. Affiliates are eligible for Student Enrichment Opportunity awards, able to propose and participate in Focus Groups, and other social and scientific activities of PiBBs. They do not, however, receive stipend support, nor do they earn a concentration in Integrative Biology. Students interested in becoming fellows of the program apply (typically at the end of their first year) and if accepted, will generally receive two years of stipend support. They are required to enroll and participate fully in the curriculum throughout their graduate career, and will earn a concentration in Integrative Biology. They are of course also eligible for Student Enrichment Opportunity awards, Focus Groups, and other funding. Fellows are also offered office space in PiBBs facilities.


What are the requirements for PiBBs fellows?

PiBBs fellows must meet certain requirements to stay in the program. First, they are required to take a core set of courses devised with the specific aim of developing a common baseline of mathematical, computational and biological knowledge and skills necessary for successful interdisciplinary collaboration. Because all courses are cross-listed with affiliated departments, these generally count towards departmental obligations for the Ph.D. Second, fellows are required to create an interdisciplinary doctoral committee, with either co-mentorship or active participation by faculty from two or more different departments, including biology. Third, fellows are expected to participate in internships and summer courses at institutions and laboratories outside of UNM, with funding provided largely by PiBBs. Finally, fellows are expected to develop and participate in a collaborative research team.


What does PiBBs provide?

PiBBs fellows are typically supported for two full years at around $22,000/yr, plus tuition and health care; additional funds are available for summer school, training programs and other activities. Fellows may also receive office space at the newly- renovated PiBBs suite, which features space for lectures and presentations, as well as informal meetings and work sessions.


How do I apply?

Graduate students can self-identify or be nominated by faculty in departments affiliated with PiBBs. In either case, a nomination letter by the advisor is accompanied by the student's application packet (CV, statement of interests, standardized test scores, and undergraduate and graduate transcripts).  For students already enrolled at UNM, the nomination letter is also accompanied by a current research statement. PiBBs fellows are selected by an advisory committee drawn from various representatives of the participating departments. Fellows are supported initially for one year; a second year of funding is contingent on satisfactory progress. For further information contact either of the Program Directors (Drs. J.H. Brown or F.A. Smith) or Program Manager Nathan Holscher at (505)277-3021.