An incomplete list of other useful links to information on Biomphalaria and Schistosomiasis.

The snail

Genomic Sequencing Biomphalaria glabrata at The Washington University Genome Sequencing Center

Sequence data analysis Biomphalaria

EST contig analysis for ESTs from Biomphalaria (Johnston, March 2001)

EST contigs for several molluscs, including Biomphalaria (Davison and Blaxter, 2005)

SnailDB, BLASTable cluster analysis of ~54,000 Biomphalaria ESTs (Ruy, Ruiz and Oliveira, 2009)

Preliminary Biomphalaria glabrata Genome Assembly version 2.1, BLASTable dataset made available by the Genome Center (WU)

A source for snails, schistosomes, and reagents

The NIAID resource center at the Biomedical Research Institute

Schistosome Related Reagent Repository (SR3)

The parasite

The WHO/UNDP/World Bank Schistosoma Genome Network

Schistosoma mansoni GeneDB, annotation of ESTs and of genome assembly