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NCBI databases :70072 nucleotide (54309 ESTs)/1 genome/745 protein entries
Genome Project 12879: 268,404 records (WGS/EST/454/BES) in the trace archives, assembly APKA00000000

Short Read Archive (SRA): 454 data projects: 23 Gbases gDNA, 714 Mbases cDNA

Blast against (preliminary) Genome Assembly version 4.3 (NOTE, this will link will be deactivated, go to vectorbase)

http://www.snaildb.org (NOTE this link will be deactivated, go to vectorbase)

Synteny @ UCSC

Biomphalaria glabrata @ Vectorbase

-An international consortium has successfully pursued the development of an internationally supported a molluscan genome project, one that is focused mainly on the freshwater gastropod Biomphalaria glabrata. No one research group has seized control of this project. For this project to succeed, it is necessary to remain a viable, interactive consortium. It is important that scientists from both developed and developing countries step forward to support this initiative.
-This site provides information on design, management and progress of this initiative. Currently, the consortium encourages investigators to pursue external funding available at the national level, towards hypothesis-driven research projects that include a gene discovery component. Individual research groups may combine efforts in national and international settings to apply for large scale resources such as funding for exchange of information and investigators, production of BAC libraries, and sequencing capacity.
-The sequences generated as part of the consortium effort will be released to public databases in a timely fashion.

 News (also see links below)
  • 2016 October annotation completed, revised manuscript in preparation
  • 2013 June: Annotating effort underway
  • 2012 Aug Formation steering committee toward annotation of the Biomphalaria glabrata genome.
  • 2012 Jun BLAST-able PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v4.3 (WUGI) on-line
  • 2012 Jan BLAST-able PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v4.0.3 (WUGI) on-line
  • 2011 July WUGI construction of 3Kb PE gDNA library fo Illumina sequencing in progress.
  • 2011 July Illumina cDNA sequencing (WUGI) for 12 types of Biomphalaria glabrata tissue samples complete
  • 2011 June WUGI obtained ~51x Illumina coverage short gDNA fragments.
  • 2011 May WUGI to obtain additional Illumina coverage toward increased gene representation in assembly
  • 2011 April BLAST-able PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v4.0.1 (WUGI) on-line
  • 2011 March: Illumina sequencing of 5 Gb gDNA completed at WUGI
  • 2010 December: Paired Ends (PE; 10.09x 3kb; 3.4x 8kb) completed at WUGI for improved assembly.
  • 2010 December Illumina cDNA sequencing for 12 types of Biomphalaria glabrata tissue samples in progress.
  • 2010 June: BLAST-able PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v2.1 (WUGI) on-line
  • 2010 Spring: SnailDB, Biomphalaria glabrata database, BLAST-able set of clustered ESTs on-line (FIOCRUZ - CPqRR)
  • 2009 September: WUGI LS454 paired end gDNA data (6Gbases), > 23x coverage in NCBI SRA
  • 2009 July: WUGI LS454 gDNA data (17.1Gbases) in NCBI SRA
  • 2009 February: WUGI releases sequence data from several BACs to NCBI
  • 2007 November: Biomphalaria glabrata genome project progress meeting at ASTMH 2007
  • 2007 January: RNA, DNA template from selfed BB02 provided to initiate sequencing at WUGSC
  • 2006 January: Over 46,000 nucleotide database entries for Biomphalaria glabrata
  • 2005 October: Planning meeting for sequencing strategy at WUGI, St. Louis MO
  • 2004 August: Biomphalaria glabrata prioritized as genomic sequencing target by NHGRI
  • 2004 August: High quality BAC library (BG-BBa) available at cost from Arizona Genomics Institute
  • 2004 January: Mitochondrial genome sequence of Biomphalaria glabrata completed
  • 2003 September:  Genome size for Biomphalaria glabrata  published (check link below)
  • 2002 October: Prioritization for BAC library publicly posted (see snail) by NHGRI

Details and additional information
Rationale for a focus on Biomphalaria glabrata Open invitation for support or participation
Genome size of Biomphalaria glabrata Mitochondrial genome of Biomphalaria glabrata
 BB02 strain Biomphalaria glabrata for BACs BAC library for Biomphalaria glabrata
Genome sequencing Biomphalaria glabrata rDNA cassette of Biomphalaria glabrata
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