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Genome Project: APKA00000000

Short Read Archive (SRA): NGS datasets

- The international consortium has characterized the genome of the freshwater gastropod Biomphalaria glabrata.
- An important motivation for this project is that Biomphalaria glabrata is a major snail host for transmission of human schistosomiasis

- This site provides a time line of the efforts that have yielded a first genome assembly.
- The sequence data have been deposited in public databases (GenBank NCBI; Vectorbase)
- Investigators are encouraged to access the Biomphalaria glabrata genome for study of snail biology and comparative genomics.

  • 2017 May
    Whole genome analysis of a schistosomiasis-transmitting freshwater snail
    Nature Communications
    , 8, Article number: 15451 (2017), doi:10.1038/ncomms15451

    • Companion papers:
      - Proteomic analysis of Biomphalaria glabrata plasma proteins with binding affinity to those expressed by early developing larval Schistosoma mansoni
      - The Biomphalaria glabrata DNA methylation machinery displays spatial tissue expression, is differentially active in distinct snail populations and is modulated by interactions with Schistosoma mansoni

  • Timeline

  • 2015 Oct -- Publication process
  • 2015 Oct Community-contributed analyses completed, manuscript submission
  • 2013 WebApollo implemented by Vectorbase for Community annotation
  • 2013 Vectorbase hosts, curates annotations and assembly
  • 2013- MGI-supported conference calls support annotation effort
  • 2012 Aug Formation steering committee, organization of internatinal annotation effort for Biomphalaria glabrata genome.
  • 2012 Jun Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v4.3 (MGI)
  • 2011 Jul MGI initiates Illumina sequencing of PE gDNA
  • 2011 Jul MGI completes Illumina cDNA sequencing for 12 tissue types of Biomphalaria glabrata
  • 2011 Jun MGI completes ~51x Illumina coverage short gDNA fragments.
  • 2011 May MGI to obtain additional Illumina coverage to improve assembly
  • 2011 Apr PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v4.0.1 (MGI)
  • 2011 Mar MGI Illumina sequencing of 5 Gb gDNA
  • 2010 Dec MGI to sequence Illumina paired ends (PE; 3kb; 8kb) for improved assembly
  • 2010 Dec Illumina cDNA sequencing for 12 tissue types of Biomphalaria glabrata in progress.
  • 2010 Jun PRELIMINARY Biomphalaria glabrata genome assembly v2.1 (MGI)
  • 2009 Sep MGI LS454 paired end gDNA data (6Gbases), > 23x coverage in NCBI SRA
  • 2009 Jul MGI LS454 gDNA data (17.1Gbases) in NCBI SRA
  • 2009 Feb MGI releases full-length sequence data from several BACs to NCBI
  • 2008 Jan MGI releases 100,304 BAC clone end sequences (BES) from the BG-BBa library to NCBI
  • 2007 November: Biomphalaria glabrata genome project progress meeting at ASTMH 2007
  • 2007 January: RNA, DNA template from selfed BB02 provided to initiate sequencing at MGI
  • 2006 January: Over 46,000 nucleotide database entries for Biomphalaria glabrata
  • 2005 October: Planning meeting for sequencing strategy at McDonnell Genome Institute MGI, St. Louis MO
  • 2005 Planning meeting at NIH, Bethesda MD
  • 2004 August: Biomphalaria glabrata prioritized as genomic sequencing target by NHGRI
  • White paper proposal for genome sequencing Biomphalaria glabrata
  • 2004 August: High quality BAC library (BG-BBa)
  • 2004 January: Mitochondrial genome sequence of Biomphalaria glabrata completed
  • 2003 September:  Genome size for Biomphalaria glabrata  published (check link below)
  • 2002 October: Prioritization for BAC library publicly posted by NHGRI
  • White paper proposal for BAC library Biomphalaria glabrata

Details and additional information
Rationale for a focus on Biomphalaria glabrata Genome size of Biomphalaria glabrata
Mitochondrial genome of Biomphalaria glabrata Genome strain Biomphalaria glabrata  BB02 strain
BAC library for Biomphalaria glabrata rDNA cassette of M line and BB02 Biomphalaria glabrata